What is the Doubledown Casino Forum?

What is the Doubledown Casino Forum?

The Doubledown Casino Forum (DCF) is a collaborative space for executives in the gaming industry to build relationships, share ideas, and grow professionally.

The forum provides peer-to-peer networking opportunities for members, exclusive access to industry speakers, and relevant content that drives personal and professional growth.

Membership is growing with professionals from all corners of the gaming ecosystem if you’re an executive or director in gaming or another related field who wants to develop your career while connecting with like-minded individuals.

How does Doubledown Casino Forum help me in my career?

Having a solid network is the most valuable asset in business. At Doubledown Casino Forum, you’ll build relationships with other gaming executives in a collaborative environment.

Your relationships will help you expand your network beyond your industry, leading to new career opportunities. Members of the Doubledown Forum also have access to a message board to post questions about their careers and/or company.

There is no doubt that Doubledown Casino Forum will help you expand your network and work towards your professional goals. Additionally, Doubledown Casino Forum hosts events throughout the year.

Forum members can network and build relationships at these events, leading to new career opportunities. If you want to take your career to the next level, joining the Doubledown Casino Forum is a no-brainer.

Who is Doubledown Casino Forum for?

Members of the Doubledown Casino Forum come from various backgrounds, including marketing, finance, regulation, operations, engineering, and gaming.

The forum is open to virtually everyone in the casino ecosystem, including suppliers, operators, regulators, and gaming investors. Doubledown Casino.

DCF welcomes anyone who wants to build relationships and network with their peers.

Doubledown Forum

Events and Networking Opportunities at Doubledown Casino Forum

The Doubledown Casino Forum hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Some notable events include: –

  • DCF Live: These events are hosted at various locations worldwide (New York, Las Vegas, London, etc.), where forum members can meet each other in person.
  • DCF Forum Dinner: DCF hosts a Forum Dinner Event at a different location each year, where members can network with each other in a casual setting.
  • DCF Forum Day: DCF Forum Day is typically held in February each year, where members can network with each other in a business setting at various partner companies.
  • DCF Executive Roundtable: DCF Executive Roundtable is an invite-only, private event where executives from various industries can network with each other.
  • DCF Executive Mentorship Program: A program designed for executives to connect with industry leaders for one-on-one mentorship.
  • DCF Partner and Sponsor Events: Members of the forum are invited to attend and network at events hosted by DCF’s partners and sponsors.

Exclusive Content and Interviews

The Doubledown Casino Forum offers exclusive content, including interviews with industry experts, podcasts, and webinars. Members can also access a message board where they can discuss relevant topics related to gaming. Some notable guests who have joined the forum include:

  • Lee Jones, COO of Wynn Resorts
  • Roger Curtis, EVP and CFO of MGM Resorts
  • Neil Woodford, Founder and CEO of Woodford Investment Management
  • Nancy B. Bock, Partner and Co-Chair of Global Gaming at Jones Day
  • David Jones, Founder of David Jones
  • Richard H. Briffault, Professor at the Harvard Law School
  • Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group
  • Andy Cluckie, CEO of PlayUp
  • Caleb Finan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Finan Capital Partners
  • Sean Brodrick, VP of Corporate Development of Commerce Casino
  • Harry Philpot, COO of Peak Gaming
  • Justin Bui, CEO of Coinme
  • David G. H. Buchanan, EVP of Corporate Development and Strategy at Penn National Gaming
  • Jamie Gold, Founder and CEO of Gold Gaming
  • Jim Ryan, CEO of Smartsheet
  • John Y. Brown, III, Chairman and CEO of BH Capital
  • Peter Dejonge, CEO of Silicon Gaming
  • Ruben Lamel, COO of SEGA
  • Rob Weisberg, CEO of WGSN
  • Scott Trattner, CEO of Tribridge
  • Shing Zhao, CEO of YooBet
  • Brian Nichols, COO of DigiPath
  • David Baum, Managing Director of R&D and Operations at Konami
  • Steve Caravella, CEO of Turi
  • Jason Furman, Director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
  • Kevin Hay, Founder and CEO of PlayStud Poker
  • Eric Hollreiser, Vice President of Corporate Communication at SAP
  • Maria Ho, Poker Player
  • Thomas Ho, Poker Player
  • Alex Jacob, Poker Player
  • Phil Laak, Poker Player
  • Akshay Grover, Poker Player
  • Zac Cohen, Poker Player
  • Michael Craig, Poker Player
  • Ted Parlett, Poker Player
  • Phil Hellmuth, Poker Player
  • John Juanda, Poker Player
  • Guy Laliberté, Poker Player
  • Matt Savage, Professor of Data Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bottom line

Doubledown Casino Forum is an excellent source of knowledge for executives in the gaming industry. If you want to accelerate your career or are looking for a job, joining the Forum is a great idea. Doubledown Casino Forum is the place to be with a wide range of experts and various events.

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